Monday, January 17, 2022

About Us

TALE is an online weekly magazine, laced with spicy regular updates. It is published by Tale Online Publication Limited, an incorporated Nigerian firm of experienced journalists and creative writers committed to the resuscitation of romance journalism, bereft of absurdities, obscenities and vulgarities.

Our credo revolves around the rejuvenation and deepening of the creative enterprise within the media space.

We use fictional characterization to reveal true life adventures; employ lucid prose to report untold love and life stories which often escape the full lens of major news platforms.

Robustly imaginative and   suspenseful, TALE is clinically configured to relieve depression, lessen pressure and promote mental health in societies under the siege of social, economic and political malaise.

Invariably and effectively, we inform without deforming, educate without desecrating and entertain without maligning.

With TALE, romance journalism is redefined as a refined genre that vaporizes mediocrity and valorizes creativity.


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